Fume, Dust, Exhaust Flexible Hose

Industrial Air Purification Systems

Industrial Air Purification, Inc. (IAP) offers a full line of Flexible Hoses for any application. Many engineered polymers are being used today where steel and more restrictive materials were once used. By using these engineered polymers, we can offer some of the most advanced products in our industry. From chemical plants to woodworking shops, welding exhaust to furnace vacuum cleaning, IAP offers a product with the right features and benefits for your specific use.

IAP offers a broad range of top quality flexible industrial hose to handle all kinds of industrial needs, including fume and dust collection, oil mist collection, medium and high temperature applications, vehicle exhaust removal, and ventilation. Our hoses for industrial applications are constructed of a variety of high quality, durable materials, and include the following categories of ratings:

  • Lightweight
  • Medium weight
  • Heavy Construction
  • Flame Protected
  • Microbe Resistant
  • Electrically Conductive
  • Crush-Proof
  • Anti-Static
  • High Abrasion Resistant
  • Medium Temperature up to +750F
  • High Temperature up to +2010F
  • Corrosion-resistant

Not sure what you need? Our air quality professionals will help you choose the right hose for your application, from lightweight to heavy construction, whether you need abrasion resistant, flame protected, corrosion-resistant, or electrically conductive.

Our website will group the hoses into the following categories to ease your selection process.

High Temperature Hoses

  • Dryer Systems and Extruder Hoses
  • High Temperature, < 1000 Degree Fahrenheit Hose
  • High Temperature, < 1000 Degree Fahrenheit Hose

Vehicle Exhaust Hoses

  • Cars, Motorcycles, Small Trucks
  • Military, Dynamometers, Heavy Equipment
  • Trucks, Buses, Commercial Vehicles

FDA Hoses

  • Dust Collection
  • Exhaust Hoses
  • Material Transport

Material Transport Hoses

  • Transport Hoses, Heavy Duty
  • Transport Hoses, Light Duty
  • Transport Hoses, Medium Duty
  • Vacuum Hoses

Dust Collection Hoses

  • General Collection / Street Sweeping
  • Metal Dust Collection Hose
  • Wood Dust Collection Hose

Hose Accessories

  • Hose Clamps
  • Hose Connectors
  • Hose Cuffs

Toxic Fume Hoses

  • Chemical Extraction Hoses
  • Fume Extraction Hoses
  • Welding Fume Extraction Hoses

Air Movement Hoses

  • HVAC Flexible Duct
  • Oil Mist Extraction Hose
  • Portable / Construction Ventilation Hose

One of the most common issues with flexible hose, is the wrong product for the application.

  • For dust collection, hoses range in quality from PVC, to Thermoplastic, to Polyurethane. PVC being the cheapest and Polyurethane being the most expensive, but most durable. Polyurethane also comes in various thicknesses (mils), depending on the abrasion needs. Polyurethane is a very durable material that is known for its high resistance to abrasives, cuts and tears. Polyurethane flex hoses exhibit the necessary characteristics when dealing with sharp materials. Another benefit of polyurethane dust collection hoses is that they maintain their flexibility without sacrificing durability, making them a great tool for a wide range of situations. We offer clear and black, as well as a variety of polyurethane wall thicknesses. The thinner walled flex hoses will show more flexibility and are more affordable, while the thicker walled flex ducts will offer more wear resistance.
  • For heated exhaust, hoses range in various temperature ratings. The ratings are typically based on the material quality. High Temperature hoses can range from 350 to 2000 F intermittently. The materials can range from neoprene and polyester fabric for lower ratings and heat resistant glass fabric for higher ratings.